“A close friend of mine is dyslexic. She's good at some of the things I'm not good at. And I'm good at some things she's not good at, so we can help each other.”

- Emma, 9


“Before this year I felt differently about dyslexia, but now I don't see it as a bad thing. I know now that people have to accept me for who I am.”

- Leah, 14


“One of my teachers is also dyslexic and he spoke to me about it and he said it was nothing to be embarrassed about. He said we are all creative in our own ways and that there are lots of good things about dyslexia.”

-Isla, 13


"I'm always thinking about stuff. I am quite skinny and do no exercise. I think it's because my brain is using up all of those calories."

-Sean, 15


"It wasn't that I was struggling with concepts; just with putting pen to paper. So when I couldn't write 'water' when I was eight or nine, I wrote H2O instead."

-Elliot, 17


"Being Dyslexic is like having a superpower! I see things like they were in a movie - I watch movies in my mind by thinking of an idea and playing it in my head."

-Norman, 7